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Statistical Overview

Last update: Dec 11 2020

Distribution of Porn Sites Risk

This section shall help to get the big picture. The pie-chart shows how the rating is distributed. Out of 788 currently listed porn sites, only 6 do not leak personal data (hardly visible in the chart). This means that 99.2% DO leak personal information. The majority of porn sites have a bad rating.

The average score of all porn sites is 18.4, which equals an E-ratings. Some porn sites are really bad (the highest score is 247.80), so someone could assume that peaks are the reason for this. But if we cap the score at 36 we still end up at an average score of 16.3. In other words, the average rating E is hardly influenced by peaks coming from extremely bad porn sites.

Porn Sites Risk by Alexa Rank

the 2nd graph shows the rating distribution in relation to the Alexa Ranking. The Lime bars show the overall distribution in % (actually the same as the upper graph). The first two blue-shaded bars show the distribution for 3 ranges of Alexa-Ranks: (1) 1 to 1,000, (2) 1,001 to 10,000, and (3) above 10,000. We picked ranges (1) and (2) because they have the most significant deviation from the average.

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Top-sites having an Alexa-Rank of 1,000 or better are on average the safest porn sites; amongst those sites, there is even no F-rating. But those porn sites ranging right next, from 1,001 to 10,000, are rated worst. Same as in the general overview, capping doesn't change anything.

It is difficult to draw fact-based conclusions from this picture. Top 1.000 pages often have the advantage of running inhouse ad-platforms, while our rating method focusses on 3rd-party-tracking and data sharing. On the other end, we are alerted by the fact that sites ranging from 1,000 to 10,000 are more heavily sharing data than others...

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