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About Porn and Privacy

Are porn sites safe?

The correct question is: what makes them unsafe? We see two aspects when it comes to website security: Vulnerability (Malware injection risk) is the one important topic, and we take it into account. But more prevalent and the real big thing nowadays is privacy. Take care of your personal information, especially when you are surfing on porn sites! This website shall help you to mitigate this risk. It gives you an idea about which porn sites respect your privacy, and which don’t. Our results can be found in our rating section. Each website has a grade from A (excellent) to F (rather dangerous), and you will gain further insights when clicking on the site name. For those who are interested in the process, the rating approach is described in detail here.

Does 'Privacy Mode' protect us?

No. It just keeps your device clean by not storing locally where you were surfing. It does NOT protect you from disclosing personal information. Private browsing just blocks cookies, and nowadays tracking works completely different: websites send requests to other addresses on the world wide web. This is enough for the receiver to track (1) who you are (2) which site you visit and (3) even what you are doing there. Shocked?

We are running our porn sites scans in privacy mode, and those scans provide us quite negative results – more than 99% of all scanned porn sites leak information to third parties. In 2019 a scientific analysis concluded that 93% of all porn sites share data with 3rd parties. In fact, this rate is much better than the 99+% result that we got. We assume that the difference is caused by dead sites or failed scans.

We had a closer look, and we can confirm that not all porn sites are totally unsafe in regards to privacy. However, there are big differences.

Is Privacy that important?

Definitely yes, especially when you are watching porn. Particularly the content you are watching may provide quite intimate details about you and your sexual preferences. Porn site providers typically claim that they anonymize the data for their analytical purposes. But even if they do so, many of them use 3rd party-companies to manage their ads and analytics. And what those corporations do with your information is far from transparent. Let's take the following example that we personally experienced: After having visited pages that seemed safe at a first glance, we quite frequently got ads for dating sites.

The dating site advertisements have most probably been caused by analysis requests to a large company which we do not name here for the sake of our search ranking. In fact such large companies (there are a few) are a rather “low risk” case: they anyway know „everything“ about each of us and use it for their own benefits, but do not share this information with others as far as we know (we really hope we are right; and no, we do not see F**book in that group of companies). Definitely, things can be much worse than the example given above: many porn sites share information with data brokers, companies which earn money from selling private information. Just imagine you apply for a job and your potential employer scans you using information from data brokers. Not so nice? Even worse, adult sites are not just able to share thatyou are watching porn, but also WHATyou are watching. It would be quite miserable if you don't get a job because you like watching blowjob videos.

Statistics on web traffic do evidence that porn has a remarkable stake on the internet. Three out of four men do watch porn at least once a month, and at least one out of four women does as well. So, if you are one of them, think about the potential impact on you when your sexual preferences are disclosed to companies that are earning money by trading personal data. And this is exactly where our web page comes into play – we try to give you glimpses on the privacy behaviors of porn sites. Feel free to let us knowif you like it or not.

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